Plant Optimisation

Rivergum Industries

Plant Optimisation

New Capital

Jim has worked with most equipment OEMs at some stage in his working career, he is well aware of relative strengths of the different brands of manufacture and can correlate declared plant capacities by the manufactures with what is generally proven to be.

Jim can dial up his involvement in any capital procurement process:
– Scoping study to identify equipment specifications
– Manage a tender process
– Support a tender process through a comparative assessment of competing manufacturers
– Make clear recommendation of preferred solution

Modifications and Upgrades

It is rare that an operating quarry gets a greenfield to design and deliver brand new equipment. More often there is a need to modify and upgrade to get additional plant throughput.

Lifting plant throughput is the real sweet spot for Rivergum. Working against limited budget and demanding clients, Rivergum has a track record of finding a way to make the upgrade work.  
– Measure and understand the real bottlenecks
– Knows what element should perform at what capacity
– Knows what will work in each application

Rivergum’s involvement sees the money is spent in exactly the right area to lift the performance.