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Offering sand washing expertise, brick plant optimisation, support to aggregate processing and specialist advice.

The Sand Man Can.

Over 30 years of experience and success.

Jim Hankins

After a professional lifetime in the quarrying, mining,
and associated extractive and manufacturing industries, Jim Hankins,
the principal of Rivergum Industries, has developed a core focus
working with clients to generate operating improvements
in Sand and Aggregates processing, as well as Brick Manufacture.

Our Services

Sand & Aggregate Washing

Brick Cutting

Specialist Advice

Rivergum Industries.

WE are solutions focused.
WE are hands on.
WE are accountable for results.

Rivergum is well aware that ‘sand ain’t sand’ and that every operation works to a unique set of parameters that must be matched to the in-situ resource, and the required sizing mix as needed to support sales.

With no 2 plants operating identically, the solution to lift operating performance will involve a mix of the following –

Knowledge and experience
Match the needed equipment to production expectations
On going support through checks, hard to source consumable products and general advice on upkeep and optimisation


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