Particle Distribution in Classifying Tanks

When washing sand in a Classification Tank, the particles separate based on size, predominantly (assuming they all have the same specific gravity or relative density). A range of forces are present on all of the particles. Hence, a distribution over the valves (the only position...

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Washed Sand

Sand typical of a fine grained dune like sand, predominantly all passing the 600 micron or 30 mesh sieve size, after the sand has been washed. This photo was used as a back drop to an article published in the Quarry magazine (the official magazine of...

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Screw Washer/Sand Screw Lower End Bearing Parts

We have a range of parts held in stock, particularly the lower end bearing parts to a number of popular Sand Screws or Screw Washers. These include the large rubber (donut) seal, in black or red, stainless steel wear sleeve, slinger and oil seal. We...

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